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     Our country is speeding willy-nilly toward the abyss of failure.  We now live under the thumbscrews of administrative tyranny.  This is not the time for the sunshine patriot or the fair-weather soldier.

     We’ve been nice for far too long.  The maggots have run roughshod over us for far too long.  We’ve remained politely silent for decades whilst they spewed progressive crap with benign academic arrogance.

     It’s time to call them on the carpet and beat them at their own game.  Starting with the academic arrogance.  OK, maybe they’ve been to college, and you haven’t.  So what?  That doesn’t make them one bit smarter than you.

     The ‘academic game’ is simple once you understand the ground rules.  In college, you have to show where you got your facts to back up what you’re saying.

The Time To Remain Silent Has Long Passed!

The federal government needs to be slashed.  A good realistic goal would be 90%.  Excluding our military forces.  That’s another matter.  Their cuts will be coming separately.

The federal government has only two responsibilities assigned in the Constitution; provide defense and to make & enforce laws.  Everything else is delegated to the states.

So, now limited to making & enforcing laws, is it hard to see how the federal budget can be slashed by 90%?

EVERYTHING else needs to be returned to the domain of state and local government.  Where it belongs, and is so specified in the Constitution.

This is the only way to restore the powers of government back to where it belongs – into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE.

Repealing the sixteenth amendment is just a start towards bringing our federal government back in line with the role defined by the founders.

The stimulation of this to our free enterprise system will just be a start, too.

The entire tax system will need to be replaced with an entirely new model.  The best model we have is what worked well for the first 150 years.

Tariffs and excise taxes worked perfectly from the early founding days, throughout the era of western expansion, and well into the industrial revolution.  WITHOUT any income taxes.

We’re now well into the technology revolution era.  Meaning that we could do even better with such a system than was done for the first 150 years.

Where To Go From There?

How Can This Be Done?  –


The college kids have come to think they can get away with anything when dealing with folks that don’t understand the ‘rules of college’ when it comes to postulating their opinions of anything & everything.

The further they go in college, the further they are challenged to document and back up their words with unshakeable tested documentation.  

From simple footnotes & bibliographies as lowly under grads, to documenting virtually every word they espouse as graduate students.

They tend to forget this when they leave school, while still hanging on to their sense of academic arrogance, superiority, and sense-of-authority.

Nullam lorem sapien, tempus ac, fringilla at, elementum sed, purus. Duis molestie pede. Vivamus

The Academic Game Of Backing Up The Words You Speak Or Write

Here’s where we really nail arrogant, academic, highbrow liberal twerps about anything to do with government programs or policies.

There’s only ONE source to back up anything to do with how this country is run and how government business should be conducted.  Of course, that would be the Constitution.

It’s also the liberal’s weakest area of study and interest.  Their primary interest in the Constitution is how to do things by skirting around the limitations of spelled out there.

The U.S. Constitution explicitly states that any powers not specifically listed are to be state powers.

Where are subjects such as gay marriage, abortion, healthcare, marijuana, or any other drugs, addressed as a role of the federal government in the Constitution?  

There is NO source to justify federal involvement.

The “Silver Bullet” –

What’s Your Source For That?

Our country has been hijacked so far off the course set by the founders that we now find it in a crisis condition now.

If we are ever to return to the system of federalism with a small federal government envisioned by the founders, bold and sweeping changes need to be enacted and strictly enforced.

MASSIVE cuts need to be made.  All of these unconstitutional administrative agencies need to be dismantled.  All executive departments that don’t fall under the President’s responsibilities of national security and enforcement of laws need to go.

This will require extraordinary courage and leadership from our leaders.  Now is not the time to be stingy or sparing with our prayers.

Take No Prisoners…

This Is Not The Time For Baby Steps

*** Need a good founder’s quote to go here... ***

Such sweeping cuts and return to the basics of government will be nothing less than a revolution.  A peaceful revolution without guns or bombs, but an unsettling and disruptive revolution nonetheless.

With the reduction of federal government will come huge numbers of bureaucrats to join the private sector workforce.  The reduction in size will also result decreased cost, hence lower taxes.

Lower taxes & regulation will stimulate commerce and industry.  Exactly as it did with President Reagan.

Stay on top of your professional skills to take maxim advantage of this turbulence.

Stay On Top Of Your Game, Don’t Get Caught With Damp Powder Or Stale Knowledge.

The basic problem is that the federal government has WAY too much money.  But remember that this is only because we’ve allowed them to become this way.

The sixteenth amendment to the Constitution must be repealed as quickly and expeditiously as legally possible.  This is the first & most immediate step we can take to begin curbing the federal government.

“What do you replace it with?” Is the universal question.  The universal answer needs to be “NOTHING!”  The mission is to curb the federal government, not reorganize it into a different beast.

Eliminating all personal, business, and corporate income taxation will produce HUGE stimulation to our free enterprise system like nothing before.

Just do it.  Then watch the good times roll, and hang on for the ride.