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We all know the malaise that our federal system of government has fallen into.    A huge self-feeding behemoth system that has lost sight of limited government operating at the consent of the governed.

 Now operating largely through untouchable bureaucratic agencies outside of any direct control or consent of we the people.  Using our own tax money to force policies and agendas on us that the majority of citizens would never consent to.

Enforcing laws at will, making up their own under the guise of regulations, directives, policies, and even the most onerous of all, ‘mandates’.

These agencies & other bodies view we the people as nothing more than a source to extract endless wealth for their self-serving purposes.

Our fine system of individual freedom and liberties has gone the full circle of evolving into a system of administrative tyranny.  Precisely what we once conducted an armed revolution to eliminate.

Maybe To The End Of Our Road...

We’ve Come A Long Way

It's important to begin with the foundations of our original founding document, the Declaration of Independence, which the Constitution is based.  Natural law, human nature, and God.

The American Constitution is a "Written instrument, full and complete unto itself, no court in America, no Congress, no President can add a single word there to, or take a single word there from.", as eloquently stated by Stephen Douglas in 1863.  "It is a great enactment.  Done by the people, and can only be altered, amended, or added to by the people.".

The teaching and learning of the Constitution is essential if we are to enjoy the blessings of liberty.  Our rights are not self-executing nor are they guaranteed to endure.  They must be defended.  This is they self-evident duty of every truly patriotic citizen.

Obviously, many patriotic citizens have served honorably in our military forces, and even sacraficed their lives defending our Constitution from those outside powers wishing to otherwise change or eliminate it.  But what about those who wish to change, alter, misuse, or manipulate out Constitution by unscrupulous means from within?

The Constitution specifically prohibits our military from dealing with these matters inside of our national boundaries.  For good reason, of course.  To insure that our elected leadership would always be in complete and total control of our military forces and activities.

Reviving the Constitution - Session I "America's Foundational Principles"

Taking It Back